Transforming the fashion industry in the bid to create a more sustainable fashion industry has raised a lot of controversies with no concrete actionable measures put in place but Dries Van Noten is hopeful to bring about a change to this.

In Collaboration with Gabriela Hearst, Proenza Schouler, Joseph Altuzarra, Erdem & several others.

Dries Van Noten with collaborative efforts from Andrew Keith, the president of Lane Crawford and Shira Sue Carmi, the CEO of Altuzarra organized a brainstorm session which was facilitated by Business of Fashion on zoom alongside other notable names in the fashion industry like Gabriela Hearst, Joseph Altuzarra, Tory Buch, Erdem Moraloglu, Craig Green, Lazaro Hernandez, and Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough.

They made a resolution in an open letter that they published to which was signed by them on how they propose to transform how the fashion industry works which is most especially very crucial at this moment of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused havoc to the fashion industry.

In their proposal, there would be a shift in the current sales season and flow of both menswear and womenswear starting with the Autumn/Winter 2020 season. Fall collections would start selling from August to January, and Spring collections would be sold from February to July.

They also proposed that discounts would be given only at the ends of these periods i.e. January for Autumn/Winter and July for Spring/Summer to ensure a longer-lasting full-price season than it currently is.

The proposal also took sustainability into consideration with the promise to ensure less fabric waste, get rid of unnecessary inventories, ensure less travel by engaging the use of digital showrooms, and effect changes on fashion shows.

They hope that with their collaborative efforts, this would bring about a change in how the fashion industry impacts its customers, the fashion market, and the planet. They are also hopeful that this would bring back the lucky charm and creativity that has made fashion a force to reckon with globally.


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